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Prepared based individual and group needs.

Multiplication Coaches in MI

Multiplication Cohorts for Church Leaders

For those who want a group approach

We have found that creating a multiplication movement requires more than just information, it requires a paradigm shift in our approach to ministry. Being a part of a cohort is invaluable. In a multiplication cohort leaders get to engage with others leaders throughout the process.

We have all read a book and thought, “I want to implement this in our church,” only to find that the idea stalls out in implementation. Going to a conference to hear someone discuss their experiences helps, but journeying with leaders who are experiencing similar things is optimal.

Being a part of a cohort of other leaders helps us stay fueled, gives an opportunity to ask questions, recognize similar patterns, understand common hurdles, become acquainted with ‘best practices’, hear the stories of others and support each other with prayer and encouragement. 


For those who want a 1-on-1 approach

Coaching is the next level of engaging with church leaders in their specific context. Coaching begins with an evaluation and in some cases a one on one on site visit with you and your leadership team. Customized plans, based on your church dynamics, will help you create the culture of discipleship multiplication and implement the practices that produce it. The focus in coaching is putting the tools into the hands of the pastor to create a thriving multiplication movement. The coaching is on monthly intervals via Zoom and coordinates with the rhythms and processes of creating a multiplication movement in your local church.

If you would like more information about a Cohort, Coaching or any of our services please contact us.

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