A New Kind of Kingdom Collaborative

By Ken and Kris Dillingham

Over the years we have had the privilege of partnering with local churches for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. It is with that kind of passion that we formed this new Kingdom Collaborative. Our desire is to have an impact on our world like we see in the Book of Acts church. The kind of multiplication movement recorded in Acts is not only awe-inspiring, it is the model.
The disciples that Jesus created clearly understood that they were to do in the lives of others what he had done in them. It was a simple and repeatable model wherein the power of the gospel was accessible by all people in all places. This multiplication movement, within just a couple of decades after the Day of Pentecost had filled the world. The message and transformational power of the gospel reached every social and economic strata of society through the model that Jesus instituted.
To be fair, producing a modern multiplication movement will require that we look at some of the paradigms that have dominated the North American church landscape and culture and make some transparent observations.
(1) Many pastors struggle with activating members into living their life on mission where they live, work and play.
(2) Much of the modern church is built off of a “consumer” model.
(3) The “go ye” model that prevailed in the Acts Church has become a “come and see” model in the modern era.
(4) We use a massive amount of our human resources in doing church and servicing members.
(5) The deep longing to make a true impact on our culture is not being met by bigger and better programs.
The bottom line is this, creating true “multiplication movements” (like we have discussed) is not going to happen by small incremental steps of improving our programs, systems or how we “do church.” Doing church better and better until we finally have the attention of the unsaved or unchurched people around us is not the answer. Being the church, in a very fundamental way is.
If this sounds like what you have been looking for we look forward to connecting with you. We will be happy to give you more information about how to change the operating system of your church into a multiplication movement. You can contact us by email at TheDillinghamGroup@gmail.com or by clicking the “Contact Us” link and filling out the form.

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