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3 Facts About Toxic Church People

by Dan Grider 1 Some people will always be high-maintenance. They live and operate out of their woundedness. Remind yourself, “I am not the Holy Spirit. I can’t change them. It’s not my job to change them. My mission has nothing to do with their happiness. I’m never going to please them. I will not

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Culture vs Strategies

by Ken Dillingham I recently had a conversation with a leader that consults with churches on how to create multiplication movements. Just the day before he had been in a meeting with leaders from an association of independent churches. These are some of the largest non-denominational churches in America. Their names would be recognizable if

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People Are Against Religion, You Know

by Ralph Moore (Link to original Post) UNCATEGORIZED People are against religion, you know… 9 mins agoby Ralph Moore0 Views3 min read “People are against religion, you know…” I’d just sat down to eat my two hot dogs when the man sharing our table informed me that people are against religion, including him. My wife

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The Truth Trajectory

Understanding Why We Think the Way We Do By Ken Dillingham, MACM What does the term “Truth Trajectory” mean? The ‘Truth Trajectory’ is a term that I often use to describe the trajectory (or orientation) of the Oneness Pentecostal movement in the 20th and 21st centuries. If you trace the roots of the Oneness movement

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Complexity Makes Cowards of Us All

Excerpt from Dan Grider’s book “You Were Made for This” The primary reason to reduce the complex situations in your life is, complexity makes us cowards. When we don’t know how to move forward we default to procrastination. This is a form of cowardice. Every one of us know what we should do next. Many

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A New Kind of Kingdom Collaborative

By Ken and Kris Dillingham Over the years we have had the privilege of partnering with local churches for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. It is with that kind of passion that we formed this new Kingdom Collaborative. Our desire is to have an impact on our world like we see in the Book

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